How to Detox from Sugar: Step by Step Guide

How to Detox from Sugar: Step by Step Guide

Sugar is widely considered the culprit for many health issues the world is facing today. From diabetes to obesity, experts advise against making high levels of sugar a part of daily dietary intake. 

Sugar is a soluble carbohydrate that features a sweet taste and it’s commonly used in foods. It can be found in nearly everything from peanut butter to marinara sauce.

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Effects of sugar 

How bad is sugar? This is typically one of the questions people ask when struggling to give it up. A little sugar isn’t bad but the problem comes when one exceeds the recommended healthy amounts which are six (6) teaspoons for women and nine (9) teaspoons for men. 

These numbers are according to the American Heart Association and this refers to added sugars not naturally occurring sugars. So how bad is sugar?

It contributes to weight gain

The rates of obesity worldwide have skyrocketed as people feature sugar in all of their meals and consume copious amounts of sweetened beverages. From fizzy drinks to lattes and iced teas, even the most common dish like marina sauce for pasta is pumped with sugar to enhance its taste.  

These foods are loaded with fructose corn syrup which is a simple sugar that fuels one’s hunger resulting in overeating. Too much sugar inhibits the action of leptin, a hormone that regulates hunger.

Also drinking sweetened drinks contributes to the formation of visceral fat which is deep seated belly fat that is responsible for health fatalities like heart failure and diabetes. 

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Increases chances of heart disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and sugar is a huge contributor to this disease. High sugar levels have been associated with the development of atherosclerosis which is characterized by fatty acids blocking the arteries of the heart. 

One sugary drink already puts one over the limit of the recommended intake of sugar.

Promotes acne flare ups

 a doll head with ance

A diet that is high in sugar can contribute to the flare up of acne as the resulting fat that is broken down from the fructose clogs up the skin’s pores. Also, because of the high glycemic nature of sugar it can boost the production of oil on the skin effectively causing a severe break out. 

Natural occurring sugar like that consumed when eating sugar cane is an exception because it isn’t an added, refined sugar. 

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Increases risk of type 2 diabetes

Over the last three decades, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes has nearly doubled and this can be choked down to the increased consumption of sugar in the diet.

Over this period there has been an increase in sweetened beverage brands as well as juices. Now sugar consumption in itself doesn’t cause diabetes but it greatly contributes to obesity which in turn causes diabetes. Taking sugar while diabetic or predisposed to diabetes exacerbates the symptoms.

Step by step guide to detox from sugar

Sugar detoxing is possible to remove the sugar from the body giving one the opportunity to reset their body health wise, so to speak.

Step 1: Subtract Sugar 

Begin by purging your space of the sugar. This means removing all the simple sugars in the house from the cookies, potato chips and candy to sweetened beverages. Also remove all the frozen foods, canned and pre-packed foods. 

Step 2: Make a Sugar-less Grocery List

Make a list of whole foods to eat including eggs, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Make it a point to visit the local farmer’s market every week for fresh produce and find some of the seasonal fruit to replace sugars from the store.

Step 3: Drink More Water

A woman holds up a blue insulated water bottle on the beach

Carry a bottle of water to drink from when thirsty to avoid indulging in sweetened beverages in the course of the day. Plus water is great for rehydration and it contains no calories. An alternative to water would be herbal teas

Steer away from energy drinks because these also contain high levels of sugar. Also, take the time to plan for the next couple of meals for the day from breakfast to dinner and snacks in between.

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Step 4: Choose Protein

Sunny-side up eggs on toast with lettuce

Eat protein in the morning to keep hunger at bay and prevent one from reaching for any available snack. Plus eating well in the morning helps one to control their insulin levels that have been elevated by not eating for over eight hours at night.

Protein breaks down slowly helping the body cope better with hunger pangs and the protein is used as energy to fuel the brain and other bodily functions. Because it takes a while for protein to be used and metabolized, this helps settle hunger between meals.

Step 5: Healthy Carbs

Plan for healthy carbs like sweet potatoes and squash which offer better sugar breakdown for this detox period. Also, stock up on berries which one can munch on for a sugar high and they can eat as much as they want without compromising the detoxification.

Make room for fats making sure they are healthy fats like those from nuts and seeds. Also consider olive oils, coconut oil and omega-3 from eggs and seafood. Peanut butter is not a great choice because it is manufactured with simple sugars in most recipes.

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Step 6: Exercise

a Group fitness class stretches

Exercising is an excellent way to detox and remove any toxins from the body. The more one exercises the more inclined they are to stay healthy and steer of bad foods. Plus stress causes one to reach for junk, sugar-laden foods and exercise can help lower stress.

On a day that you’re not inclined to exercise, consider hosting friends and hanging out (without alcohol) or just rent a funny movie and laugh the stress away.

Step 7: Sleep

Sleep is crucial in any detox program and this one is no exception. Sleep and rest adequately to be able to function as normal without relying on sugar to give a high. The sugar high during the day can act as a pick-me-up, but with sufficient rest, one doesn’t need a pick-me-up to help them get through the day.

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Closing Thoughts

In addition to food habits, look for detox supplements like candida complex detox supplement to help the process of eliminating sugar from your diet. This supplement not only helps with detoxification but also introduces good bacteria in the gut to help promote healthy digestion of the new foods.

Thinking about beginning your no-sugar journey? Give yourself the extra boost by choosing a  simple Candida Complex by New Day Health!

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