What are the best foods for gut health?

What are the best foods for gut health?

A healthy gut is critical as it ensures one is efficiently digesting the meals they're consuming and removing any toxins from food items they consume. 

A critical component to having a healthy gut is having a sufficient amount of gut microbiome that can aid in the digestion of food items and the removal of dangerous toxins from the body. 

However, these microbiomes require specific nutrients to balance out any bad bacteria in the gut and carry out their jobs properly. 

This is where the food items below are a necessary addition to one's diet; let's explore them below:

1. Yogurt

When thinking of great foods for the gut, yogurt is a winner given it’s a great probiotic that promotes health and balance in one’s gut. 

The nutrients in yogurt are perfect for cultivating gut bacteria health and balance. One common trap with yogurts, however, is when unhealthy versions involving lots of synthetic flavors or high sugar content, these should be avoided. 

2. Brussels Sprouts

brussel sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are full of sulfur compounds that fight unhealthy bacteria present in the gut. They are also high in fiber, which helps promote the health of beneficial gut bacteria in the body. They can easily be integrated into various meals as a healthy side-dish. 

3. Miso

Miso can be found as a paste that is used in soups, dressings, and even as dips. It’s made from fermented soybeans along with rice and comes with lots of helpful bacteria and enzymes that promote the healthy functioning of the gut. 

4. Kimchi

kimchi rice bowl with chop sticks

Kimchi is fermented cabbage that's marinated in a range fo spices such as chili powder, salt, and fermented along with onion, garlic, and ginger. 

Given this concoction of ingredients, studies have shown that Kimchi has an abundance of probiotics and is a great meal addition to improve gut health. 

Kimchi also has additional health benefits such as boosting one's immune system, battling aging, and has many anti-cancer properties. Kimchi is a perfect side dish to many meals and can also be included in bowls and wraps to give the dish a spicy kick.

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5. Pickles

wet green small cucumbers in a strainer sitting on a counter

Many pickles such as cucumber pickles are great snacks and come packed with antioxidants and probiotics. Fresh pickles are the perfect grocery cart item as these will preserve many of its beneficial nutrients compared to those found in jars. 

6. Brocolli

As a child, eating Brocolli is one of the staple instructions from parents. There's a reason for this, given it's an immensely beneficial food item for the body. Broccoli contains fiber and is rich in antioxidants. Studies have shown that consumption of Brocolli improves overall intestinal health by reducing inflammation in the colon. They're great on their own, or when stir-fried or steamed with other food items. 

7. Flaxseed

Flaxseed contains lots of antioxidants and anticancer elements that are beneficial for overall health and for gut bacteria. These seeds also contain lots of fiber which aids in cultivating better balance and health in the gut. Flaxseeds can be ground down and included in a variety of food and drinks. 

8. Apples

apples cut in half on a wooden cutting board

Delicious and easily available to consume, apples are one of the most recommended food items to consume for a healthy gut. They’re high in fiber and promote the development of healthy bacteria in the gut. They can be consumed raw, or incorporated into a variety of delicious dishes. 

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9. Olive oil

olive oil

Bacteria in the gut need fatty acids and polyphenols in order to perform effectively. Olive oil, luckily, is a staple oil to craft many dishes and comes chock full of these nutrients. As a result, if one’s using any other forms of oil such as sunflower or canola, it’s recommended to swap these out with Olive oil. 

10. Almonds


Similar to Olive Oil, Almonds come with lots of fatty acids and polyphenols. Almonds are also high in fiber which makes them a great snack that can deliver a lot of benefits to gut bacteria. Almonds can also be ground down and added into juice blends, and even in its oil form is a beneficial addition to one’s diet. 

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11. Kombucha

two jars of Kombucha with cloth lids

Kombucha is full of probiotics that are great for bacteria in the gut. It’s a fermented tea-drink that can be mixed effectively with other fruits and spices to create a sour yet pleasant drink. Kombucha contains many other nutrients that are also beneficial to the body such as improving one’s immune functions. 

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12. Peas

Peas, just like many other vegetables, are full of fiber that helps gut bacteria to thrive and work effectively. Peas are a prebiotic food that gives sustenance to microbes in the gut. They’re also a great side addition to any meal making it a relatively stress-free way of incorporating nutrients essential for better gut health into one’s diet. 

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12. Ginger

A pile of ginger root

Ginger is a great ingredient that can be incorporated into many dishes and boosts the production of stomach acids like hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid helps the gastrointestinal system move faster and is great for digesting protein and bile.  

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13. Mangoes

Believe it or not, mangoes have been shown to boost gut bacteria health and a mango a day can actually improve one’s overall health. 

This is because mangoes have enzymes that break down and digest protein and fiber. These enzymes promote gut bacteria health because they contain microorganisms that balance acidic levels in the stomach. In addition, mangoes come with other nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C essential to boosting one’s immune system and overall health. 

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14. Wild Salmon

defrosted salmon

Wild Salmon is not only a great source of protein it is full of essential omega-3 fatty acids, like many other fish. This fatty acid is critical to reducing gut inflammation and promoting smooth digestion. Salmon is also a delicious, and lean way of consuming protein that goes well with many side dishes.

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Whether it’s reducing bloating, constipation, inflammation, or detoxifying one’s body. The above food items are simple additions to many dishes or food groups that can help in achieving this and leading one to live a more healthy life. 

Beyond this, these food items come with additional nutrients that promote overall health benefits such as a stronger immune system, fighting aging and obesity, and preventing chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. 

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