10 Health Benefits of Doing a Total Body Cleanse

10 Health Benefits of Doing a Total Body Cleanse

The fast pace of the world today can make one oblivious or less conscious of what they choose to consume on a daily basis.

 As a result, it's easy to accumulate a load of toxins in the body without even knowing it. This can be through food, water, and medication. Unfortunately, yes, even the air is full of pollutants that find their way into the body.

Because of all these toxins that make their way into our bodies, one must make a conscious decision to regularly eat and drink foods that aid the body in detoxifying. And no, one can’t detox by sweating out toxins, so forget the myth about the saunas helping to detox.

What is a Detox Cleanse?

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The human body is very capable of detoxing itself via the skin, kidney, liver, lungs, and the digestive system. In fact, every single day, these organs toil day and night to that end.  

Detoxing or cleansing diet programs shouldn’t be misconstrued to mean that they take over the natural abilities of the body to rid itself of toxins. That said, numerous foods and beverages can help enhance the body’s ability to remove toxins from the body effectively.

A cleanse can be defined as resting, getting rid of toxins, and nourishing the body from the inside out. It’s the cleansing of the blood from all manner of contaminants and impurities. 

The processes of cleansing complement the natural efforts of organs like the liver, which purifies the blood through elimination of toxins. This elimination process is accentuated through nutrition as well as physical exercise. 

Some of the impurities that find their way to the blood through food and drinks include the following:

  • Arsenic, which is known as a carcinogen, from the water that we drink. 
  • Mercury can also be found in drinking water, and it's associated with nervous disorders
  • Air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and ozone have been linked to respiratory inflammation and cancer 

The idea of a partial or total body cleanse has been used for centuries by Chinese and Indian medicine systems such as Ayurveda. When most people think of a total body cleanse, they tend not to think beyond the nutritional aspect of a cleanse.

 However, a whole body cleanse is a complete reset of the body which incorporates the physical mental and digestive systems. Working out takes care of the physical aspect, learning about sources of toxins is the mental part and watching what one eats is the digestive part.

Exercising is a broad subject and can include anything from taking a daily walk, jogging, gym to yoga depending on what works for an individual. 

More than ever humans across the world have access to vital information that can help optimize health so there is ample access to information and taking steps like visiting the nearest farmer’s market ensures that one is eating healthy

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10 Benefits of a Cleanse 

1. Eliminates toxins from alcohol

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90% of alcohol is metabolized in the liver meaning it could use some help to get rid of the toxins. Unfortunately, alcohol is metabolized by liver enzymes into a cancer-causing chemical known as acetaldehyde. 

Alcohol is a major culprit that causes or exacerbates medical conditions such as high blood pressure and deterioration of the liver. Toxins that can accumulate in the body as a result of alcohol consumption need to be flushed out to restore health.

While the liver is adept at flushing those toxins from the body, it's a good idea to give it a boost sometimes.  

In a healthy liver, these toxins are converted to a harmless acetate before elimination from the body. But in case of excessive consumption, some acetaldehyde can be retained.

Consuming alcohol in moderation is the best way not to stress one's liver and it’s beneficial to heart health. Excessive drinking leads to impairment of the liver function by causing damage such as inflammation, scarring, and fat build-up. 

This damage to the liver prevents it from being able to filter and get rid of toxins. Regular use of cleanses helps to strengthen the liver allowing it to naturally get rid of toxins. Overall, such cleanses actually substantially contribute to keeping the liver healthy and working. 

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2. Higher energy levels

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Cleansing leads to a feeling of well being and greater energy because of the elimination of life-sucking toxins. Some foods can cause one to become lethargic and unproductive. 

Cleanses do not allow consumption of processed foods due to their high content of processed sugars and solid fats which are low in nutrition but high in calories. Processed sugar causes a spike in energy but quickly leave one drained of energy afterward. 

Most detox diets also exclude common foods that cause allergens such as dairy, eggs, peanuts, and gluten. For that reason, going through a cleanse tends to improve energy levels because one is eating right and providing the body with a much-needed break from junk food. 

3. Mental clarity

There’s a correlation between cellular energy levels and mental clarity. An increased toxin load in the body can lead to mental fog and lack of energy. 

A cleanse is an excellent way to improve the organs’ toxins flushing ability and promote toxin removal from the body. A cleanse restores the balance of the body by improving cellular energy as well as most mental clarity. 

4. Immune system booster

The ingredients contained in diet cleanses are rich in vitamins and minerals. Cleansing ingredients will range from herbs and fruits to roots and veggies. As a result, cleansing diets often give the immune system the boost it needs while helping organs such as the colon and liver get rid of toxins.

5. Glowing skin

Often when the body is experiencing an overload of toxins, it may reflect on the skin which is the largest body organ. Toxins may manifest in the form of dry pale skin with enlarged pores. 

Cleansing diets are nutrition-rich and the pause from overindulging in daily rich foods and cleansing the internal system with a cleansing diet is often enough to bring a glow back to the skin. Include foods that promote hydration as well.

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6. Weight loss

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Cleansing diets such as juice fasting can lead to weight loss. The problem usually is the weight is gained swiftly once one resumes their regular diet. It’s more sustainable and healthy to get on a less calorie-dense food diet that’s healthy, incorporates juicing, and regular exercise. Although cleansing can lead to weight loss, a more sustainable approach is one that includes a lifestyle change in both diet and exercise.

7. Allows the liver to rest

The liver is the key to toxin elimination as well as proper metabolism. Taking a break from alcohol and embarking on a detox diet is a great way to allow the liver a break. 

When in detox most people are mentally focused to keep the alcohol away. This much-needed break helps the liver rejuvenate. A rested liver will function better and longer in effectively eliminating toxins and metabolizing food. 

8. Diminishes cravings

Food craving can be healthy and unhealthy at the same time. If one is craving for veggies, that’s a good thing. However, most cravings are for a pint or processed foods. Going on a detox is the solution because it refocuses the mind and results in one eating healthy.

 By the time one is through with a cleansing program, the cravings for unhealthy foods will have significantly diminished or disappeared altogether. Going through a cleansing diet also successfully builds the resolve to stay on a healthy course. One product we love that diminishes sugar cravings is the Candida Complex

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9. Getting rid of bloating and constipation

Unpleasant episodes such as constipation and bloating can be acutely reduced through regular colon cleansing. A juice fast is one of the perfect solutions to give the colon a break and a chance to rid itself of toxins. This restores proper digestive strength and balanced gut health. 

 Blended juices carry loads of dietary fiber, which keeps the hunger pangs away when going through a juice fast. Colon cleansers with probiotics can also help to restore regular bowel movement and get rid of bloating issues. 

10. Getting rid of mental blocks

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Cleansing diets are more than they appear to be. Some cleansing diets can help with mental blocks. As mentioned before, the decision to cleanse and follow through on cleansing the internal system is powerful enough in building resolve. 

Types of body cleanses 

There are numerous types of body cleansing programs that one can try. 

Which cleanse is carried out by someone is dependent on what results one is looking for and the kind of lifestyle they lead. All detoxes have one similarity which is that they optimize the ability of the concerned detoxifying organs to perform their role efficiently.

What to expect from a body cleanse:

  • Reduction of toxins by stimulating the liver to eliminate toxins
  • Rebooting the gut
  • Provision of macro and micronutrients that  fuel the body
  • Removal of inflammatory agents from the body by promoting toxin elimination 

Popular cleanses

1. Juice fasting

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Juice fasting has gained popularity as an effective way of providing one's colon with a break. Juices can be freshly squeezed from fruits or blended so that the juice is rich with fruit fiber. 

The former is great for hydration while the latter will not only hydrate but also keep an individual fuller during a juice fast. Fasting on juice for a day or two is logical since one can stay hydrated and nourished but longer than that can be detrimental to an individual’s health.

While there’s much debate as to whether this is really helpful, there’s no debate as to the vital nutritional benefits that fruits and herbs bring to the body. Of course, food is important for the body, but taking a break from it for a couple of days to clean out the system is just as essential. 

The variety of fruits and herbs allow one to explore different combinations and please their palate. 

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2. Liver cleanses

Liver cleanses have sparked many debates with people asking whether they’re necessary or if they even work. The role of the liver is to eliminate toxins from the body. As long as the liver is healthy, it’ll perform its role whether an individual takes a cleanser or not. 

However, a simple way to look at liver cleansers would be that they promote and stimulate and even better equip the liver to fulfill its role.

For instance, taking in plenty of water and juices can optimize the liver to better perform its function which is to eliminate toxins from the body. It doesn’t hurt to equip the liver to become more efficient at its job through cleanses which are also healthy and beneficial to one's overall health.

3. Colon cleanse

Colon cleansing is usually clearing the waste in the colon. That can be through laxatives or enemas which is crucial for medical reasons. Using frequent nutritional colon cleansing agents is more sustainable and holistic to the general well-being compared to buying over the counter medication.

These agents include herbal teas, occasional juice fasting as well as dry fasting if one is healthy enough to do it. Such practices help to bring balance to the digestive system by allowing the system to take a temporary break. 

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4. Full body cleanse

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A full body cleanse incorporates a holistic approach. It accentuates the toxin elimination processes in the body through combining several practices including fasts, juice fasts, diets, and exercises.

These practices work in tandem to optimize the cleansing aspects of the liver, skin, digestive system, lungs, and immune system restoring full balance to the whole body.

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All cultures have their own detox programs but the most celebrated are the Chinese and Indian programs.

Cleansing diets do not have to be boring, although some may taste quite raw and grassy like green juices that contain kale. But if one looks past such minor issues the health benefits they provide are worth it.

Looking to start fresh today? Check out New Day Health’s variety of detox and cleansing herbal supplements!

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