What are the benefits of doing a parasite cleanse?

What are the benefits of doing a parasite cleanse?

More often than not, parasites are known as those harmful and vicious beings that cause health issues in humans.

Living off of a host, sucking up all the nutrients from bodies and causing problems, in the long run, is the first thought that comes to mind when one talks about parasites. 

But is that the reality? Are all parasites bad? Are all of them harmful and disease-causing? The answer to all these questions is NO! 

It's true that most parasites are harmful and can cause various kinds of health issues depending on the part of the body they infect.

However, there are some parasites, although potentially harmful in isolation, which helps the host from some deadly infections

Truth be told, the human body is actually home to multiple strains of yeasts and bacteria. The digestive tract alone harbors more than three pounds of bacteria that aid in proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

These bacteria found in the gut are called Probiotics and have a tremendous positive impact on our health.

While the gut bacteria prevent colonization by harmful microbes like Salmonella enterica (that causes food poisoning) when these beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract grows disproportionately, that’s when the problems begin.

A large number of factors enables the balance and disorder of these otherwise helpful bacteria. 

The most important factor of all is the diet. Certain medications, stress, contact with infected sources can also result in imbalance.

What are Parasites and How do They Enter the Body? 

Parasites are the living organism that inhabits in or on other organisms of different species and benefits by deriving nutrient supplement at their expense. These parasites vary in size from invisible microscopic ones to scary 3-feet long worms.

The most commonly found parasites in the human body are the ones residing in the digestive tract.

These tiny living organisms interrupt the balance of an individual’s microbiome and wreak havoc in the gut, which in turn affects almost all other aspects of an individual’s health and daily energy levels. 

They enter the body via improper eating habits and unhygienic food articles that we are so fond of consuming from some of our favorite quick-service restaurants. 

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How to Detect a Parasite Invasion in the Body?

scientist looking through a microscope 

Since they’re already available in the human body, parasites are comparatively difficult to diagnose.

Some parasitic infections cause very minor changes or discomfort in the body, which means that people get used to living with the intruder in their system for several years without even recognizing the infection. 

On the other hand, some of them drag attention only when a person’s health and well-being get severely deteriorated.

Some of the most common parasitic infections found in humans are toxoplasmosis, giardiasis, and cryptosporidiosis. Each infection is caused by different species of intestinal parasites.

While the symptoms of these infections vary from disease to disease and individual to individual, some common signs of intestinal worms include:

  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue
  • abdominal pain
  • bloating
  • nausea
  • weight loss
  • an upset stomach

In some severe cases, the affected individual may even start passing segments of the intestinal worms in their stool. 

However, in more rare cases, the intestinal worm may lead to severe intestinal blockages, making it difficult for the person to have a proper bowel movement.

Time for a Parasite Cleanse

vegetables at a market

While the parasite treatment depends on the type of infection a person has, a lot depends on their diet and how effectively they're able to cleanse the body and get rid of parasites. 

Here are some of the steps a person can take to get rid of them naturally, without relying on toxic anti-worming agents or other powerful chemicals that might eventually have side-effects on their body. 

Following a strict healthy diet might look light:

  • No processed foods
  • No carbs
  • No grains
  • No alcohol
  • No sugar except natural sources like fruit

Another great alternative to doing a parasite cleanse that doesn’t require prescription medication is our 10 Day Parasite Cleanse for Adults!

para complex supplement

It comes with 60 non-GMO capsules and is jam-packed with 17 natural non-GMO herbs. Just take two pills with every meal, three times a day for ten days and you’ll feel brand new. But we recommend waiting 2-3 weeks before starting another cleanse.

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Most of the parasites enter the body from the food one eats. With changing times, most of the urban population is heavily relying upon processed food or easily available food.

These food items if not handled cautiously become a feast source for the parasites from where they enter the human gut system where it’s Christmas feast for them. 

  1. One of the easiest and most effective ways to incorporate healthy eating is to add anti-parasitic food items in the daily diet. These food articles are pro-biotic in nature and help in restoring the bacterial balance in the gut. It includes cruciferous vegetables like – cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts; herbs and spices like – oregano, thyme, cinnamon, clove, and ginger; natural oils like – coconut and olive oil.  
    1. Another important way is to include potent natural supplements that are known for cleaning parasites. Some such herbal supplements are – Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Walnut, Wormwood, Olive Leaf, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Papaya Seeds, and Oregano Oil.  

    If one doesn’t have proper dietary habits and have been indulging in junk food for a while, the anti-parasite diet can actually compound the problem.

    That is because, without the regular supply of sugar, carbohydrates, and/or alcohol that the body is accustomed to, the rest of the bodily tissues may also begin to detox. 

    This will add up to an already strained liver that’s in grave need of some support.

    To ensure one doesn’t end up straining the overburdened liver, one must ensure supplementing the diet change with these helpful tips:

    1. Drink an adequate amount of water to assist the system in flushing out the toxins.
    2. Ensure to incorporate some exercise that will aid blood circulation in the liver and other vital organs.

    Benefits of Doing a Parasite Cleanse

    Imbalanced or not, a parasite cleanse helps in removing common pathogenic bugs and unburdens the system increasing its efficiency and productivity. Some of the other important factors that support regular parasite cleanse are: 

    1. Parasites, in large numbers, travel through the mesenteric artery and invade the human liver. From here, they get free access and can now circulate to other vital organs including the pancreas, heart, kidneys and will start affecting their general functioning.

    2. Parasites have a faster metabolism and hence they end-up defecating more often than other organisms. This gives a lot of excreta that travel into the bloodstream giving scope for infections that will cause inflammatory cascade and as a result, wreak havoc on the immune system and endocrine health of an individual.  

    While the human gut continues to provide free accommodation to these otherwise harmless organisms, it doesn’t hurt to provide them a sterile environment and clean house before they become rowdy and unwanted.

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